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Oil Tanks

Believe it or not, there are a number of points you should be aware of when buying a house with an oil tank.  Is it underground?  Was it underground?  Is it outside?  Is it a bottom top or side tap?  Is it sitting in a giant plastic tub?  Below are a series of links for this kind of information

Propane and LP

The sources used in our library are for reference.  We are not endorsing or even suggesting that what is presented is the best answer or even the definitive one  We are simply giving you a place to start your research and begin to get an idea of the subject matter.

Septic Tanks

Many homes have them.  How do they work? General rule is to have them emptied and cleaned when you move in and then  every 3 to 5 years.  Empty and clean are not the same thing.  Clean removes the scum residue as well as the collected solids scraped from the bottom.  Are the baffles in good shape?  Are you considering extending your driveway or installing that new shed on the nice level ground in the back?  Take a look at what the experts tell you.  

Garbage Disposal Units

I never understood them.  The Flintstones had some kind of mini-sourous under their sink.  We seem to have some small industrial grinder.  This is fine but if you have a septic system, you may be adding more stuff to it that it is not designed to process.  Try composting instead. 


Public or Private there are things you should know.  How to clean a well?  How about bacteria in public water?  Metals or VOCs ?  Some of these links will help point you in the right direction  Do your research.

Water & Lead Removal

There is a lot of material out there.  there are all kinds of filtering methods.  Be sure the method you are considering can substantiate the claims it makes.  From my reading whatever the method, it should have the NSF (national Sanitation Foundation) seal on it.   Do your research. 

County and Local Water / Well regulations.

This is what we have learned so far.  this is not implying that this is the last word on legal or compliance.  It is always advisable to verify whatever you find here.  This simply gives you an idea of what the expectations may be from your community