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This is not a plug for Simpson Strong Tie, but they do support the latest good practices.  And these are excellent brochures.


Read carefully.  there is lots of information.  Some of it is conflicting.  Always use a qualified contractor when in doubt.  Siding and decking is expensive to replace but easy to damage.


What kinds are there?  What you have or what you choose or what you change all have their Pro's and Con's.  When buying, ask educated questions.  If the salesman cant answer them or find out the answer, think twice.  The health of your house is dependent on it.


Roofs come in all kinds of shapes.  This gives good examples and illustrates the parts of a roof.

A properly ventilated roof will last longer. It will help prevent the build up of moisture which can lead to molds and mildews.  

Not all shingles are created the same.  some are better and some are not.  Your budget, and your future plans for the house help with your choice.

I can not vouch for their price estimates, but the flat roof material discussion is pretty good.

Not an endorsement simply a good example of what a major supplier feels is needed.

Still not an endorsement but this is what Mr. GAF thinks you should look for when evaluating your current roof for a replacement.