• Our Theme Is perspective. Our goal is to help you understand what is important and what is not. If the driveway is rutted and the counter tops are pitted, which will you choose to fix? both or just one. Fix it now or in 6 months or a year? Is there a safety issue in the Breaker Panel? Fix it now. Safety, budgets and quality of life all come to play. Our goal is for you to understand your choices.
  • We Are Associated with Inter NACHI a professional organization that promotes continuing education and the adherence to Standards of Practice.
  • Beyond The State Mandates, we continue to enhance our training. Below are some of the most current additional certifications .
  • We Continue With our Continuing Education Credits and we have just added a new New York State License for Termite and other wood destroying insect inspections.
  • When You Call us feel free to ask us questions that most concern you about the house you are considering

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