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There are foundations and then there  are basements.  Foundations hold the house up, but basements are where people live, do laundry, work on projects, or sometimes bail out the rising tides.  Here to we are not endorsing products just giving food for thought and ways to make the unlivable livable. 

Basements and foundations go hand in glove.  To understand why there may be a problem with the basement, you need to have an idea of how it may be constructed.

What do they look like?  Right out of the box they look like these shiny squat and cool.  given time, they begin to more resemble troglodytes toiling in the muck.  Regardless the should demand your attention...or... 

Many homes have sump pumps . What are they and what kinds of pumps are there?  Follow this link and the links on the site for all that you ever wanted to know.