We are not code enforcement nor are we legal advisors, we are not endorsing or advising.  So what are we doing?  We are information geeks that like to do research.  So read carefully, consider thoughtfully, then make your decisions. 



The Army said that it is most important to keep your feet dry and in good health.  Why should your basement be different?  But if it is use this link. 



You spend a lot of time here.  Potentially so do germs, molds and mildews.  How about energy efficiency.  You can waste a lot of money from drips or too much water usage. The page has good places to start. 

Decks, Patios, Siding


The Exterior of your house is exposed to weather.  Decks and patios not only have weather to contend with, but there are real structural issues relate to safety. It may be ok for now but will it be next year or 3 years? 



This page is always growing.  Safety, Energy Saving, and descriptions.  

Ghosting & Stains


Black lines on the ceiling?  Black marking on the walls above the base board?  You have ghosting.  Not Casper or Slimmer.  Check out the articles on this page to see why and what. 

Mold & Mildew


We are not endorsing any particular firm.  And this stuff is outside of our State license.  And there is a lot sketchy sounding stuff out there.  These links appear to be consistent with the EPA and the CDC. 

Oil & Gas Tanks


Do you have an underground tank, or do you have an above ground tank?  Is your underground gas tank installed correctly? Follow this link  and speak with your attorney. 

Radon Gas and Water


The Radon Links we have are just the tip of the iceberg.  this is a good launch site for your own research. 

Roofs & Insulation


How does a roof work?  Ventilation, Insulation, moisture control?  Before you go or the right fix or a cheaprer fix understand how it should work.  If you get three bids, you could have three solutions.  Be careful and choose wisely. 

Septic Tanks & Garbage Disposals


Septic tanks just work.  Who wants to think about it? But you will if you don't.  You'll think about it and smell it and worse, see it.  And then there is your garbage disposal unit...one more thing to consider.  See what the experts say. 

Termites, Insects, Critters, Mold


Termites, Beetles, Squirrels, Molds, and all the critters that love your home also.  This link is always changing and expanding 

Water and Wells


There is a lot of information concerning water quality, testing, wells, and what should be tested for.  Follow this link to our research. 

Home Inspection Glossary

It may be a bit extreme for most of us, but the conditions they describe are things as an inspector we see a lot.  So if we see it a lot, then someone out there has it, a lot.  When you look at a house, be aware of these issues.