Ghosting & Stains

The sources used in our library are for reference.  We are not endorsing or even suggesting that what is presented is the best answer or even the definitive one  We are simply giving you a place to start your research and begin to get an idea of the subject matter.

Ghosting......who ever heard of such a thing.  Haunted houses, Friendly ghosts, ghost busters, the Ghost and Mrs. Muir, these we have heard of, but what is it for a home inspection?  Candles, fireplaces, stoves, etc. put stuff in our homes air.  So small it circulates for quite some tome.  Eventually it attaches itself to our walls and ceilings.  ( I suppose we also breath it.).  the artilces here describe what it is, why we see stripes on our ceilings and why it is above the baseboards.

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